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Before you start packing compile a list of people such as friend and family members that need to know you are moving. Make sure that you have phone numbers, addresses and other pertinent contact information in a safe and reachable place. Should you need that information it will be at your fingertips. Remember that as you begin to pack and get ready for your move many things may start to get packed. You want to make sure that you keep this contact information in a place that it will no be confused and packed with other items.

Be sure to do the same with business contacts or companies that you may need to be in touch with over the course of your relocation.

Make sure to fill out a change of address form with the post office. Notifying the post office can be done very easily on the web just click theUnited States Postal Service Change Of Address.


Make sure you remember to contact all utility providers such as:

  • Electric company provider
  • Gas or fuel company (natural gas, propane gas, heating oil, etc…)
  • Water company (in most instances the city you currently reside inn)
  • Sewer distract (in most cases this is the same as your water provider)
  • Phone company (don’t forget any 3rd party long distance provider)
  • Trash or garbage pickup contract for you area
  • Cable or Satellite provider

Don’t forget your personal finance accounts such as:

  • Banks, Credit Union or other financial institution
  • Credit Card providers
  • Automobile, RV or watercraft financing company
  • Health Club or Gym
  • Dry cleaner or Laundromat service
  • Lawn manicure service
  • Water delivery service
  • Maid or cleaning service

Make sure you contact professional service providers:

  • Home or automobile insurance agency
  • Accounting firm or personal accountant
  • Real-estate agent
  • Financial broker
  • Law firm or personal lawyer
  • Doctors office or personal physician
  • Dentist office

Don’t forget to forward any subscriptions to your new address of suspend your service until you have a new address:

  • Local new paper
  • Newsletter publications
  • Magazines
  • Specialized Journals (i.e. the wall street journal)
  • Books or other types of publications

Local and federal government offices are also important:

  • City, State and federal tax office
  • DMV (department of motor vehicle)
  • Social security organization
  • Local support group
  • VA or veterans association