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Home pricing priced based on cubic feet (volume) or by the pound (weight)?

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This question seems to be on all of our clients minds and rightfully so. You are entitled to know how we calculate and come up with the price of your job. We have heard it al before and we are sure you have to. Cubic feet or volume is calculated as: length X width X high (2 L x 2 W x 2 H = 8cf) the movers truck are marked and as your stuff is loaded the mover will charge you based on the space your shipment take up in the truck. Weight is simply enough just the weight of your shipment. The mover will arrive at your home and present you with a weight slip from a licensed weight station this will be your empty weight. Your shipment will then be loaded and the mover will weigh the truck for the second time this will be your loaded weight. The mover will then subtract the empty weight from the loaded weight and the difference will be the net weight for your shipment. (Empty weight 12,000 lbs. loaded weight 26,000 lbs. will yield this equation 26,000 lbs. – 12,000 lbs. = 14,000 lbs. Your shipment of 14,000 times your rate will be the line haul cost). As a consumer of moving services you must know what how you are being charged. Forward Van Lines has a customized tariff, which allows us to price or charge you for your move however you like. However over the years we have found that our flat rate, guaranteed price is the way to go. What we do is take a list of items as a part of a visual estimate or over the phone and we guarantee your price based on that list. We take into account both the weight and cubic footage so we can price your move and we give you a no hassle flat rate. The only thing you need to do is show us in person or tell us over the phone or by email what needs to be moved. Sure if you tell us that you need to move 20 boxes and on the move day we have and additional 5 boxes we must charge you for the additional boxes, so its important to get an accurate list. Our trained relocation staff will update your list of items to be moved, as many times as is necessary,it’s not a hassle its what we do. If at anytime you need further explanation please call us at 1-855-7-FORWARD