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Moving scams prevention.

In today’s society, your word is everything. Well, what if someone’s words were so convincible, that you just couldn’t turn the other way? That whole concepts of “If it’s too good to be true, then it is” goes completely out the window. What happens then? Where do you turn to or who for that matter? The same is said with the moving and storage industry. How do you know who’s truly the right mover for you?

The answer to that is simple RESEARCH. There is so much knowledge out there to be obtained, but many consumers are not taking the time to extract it. First and foremost check the Better Business Bureau website . There you can find out a company’s rating from an A+ to F as well as the complaints the company has. Another great site is the U.S. Department of transportation, which has a lot of useful information and gives you the tool necessary to choose a reputable mover. Having problems with a mover? Have no fear AMSA is here! The American moving & storage association will arbitrate between the consumer and mover to resolve a dispute, but only if your mover is registered with AMSA. What else can you do to be better prepared? Check out what people like you are saying on Angie’s List,,,, Yelp and other review sites! Remember that it is imperative to follow these steps before you hire your mover of choice, not after.

Unfortunately many unsuspecting consumers engaged in hiring moving companies for service fail to do the proper research and fall victims to the “Bait And Switch”. Remember that if you hire a moving company without checking its reputation and you are basing your decision on price alone, YOU ARE SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR A DISASTER.

Because many of the costs that are associated with operating a full service moving company are “Built In Costs” your move will cost the same no matter who moves you with a slight variation of about 10%. Some of these costs are fuel, labor, licensing, Insurance etc.…    If every moving company incurs these costs then its safe to assume that to cost of the move should be about the same no matter whom you choose as your mover of choice. Here is the switch, when a customer books a moving company for service based on the lowest price, he or she has now placed them self’s in the optimal position that rouge movers exploit. Now that the customer has to turn in the keys to the leasing office, make a flight after the move, has a closing the following day or even the same day. At this point there is no time to fined another mover or make different arraignment and typically the customer is left with the only choice of agreeing to sign things that they shouldn’t and agreeing to paying amounts that are astronomical and to add insult to injury your moving crew blames you because they conveniently didn’t have the right description from the office because they are basing everything on what you the customer told them.

Knowing your rights and a Company’s reputation is the number one way to protect yourself! Stay protected my friends!

By: Guy Maman & Jienne Torres

Help your children when they’re moving by hiring a van Fri, 16 Aug 2013 01:02:46 +0000 Help your children when they’re moving by hiring a van

moving company boxes

If your son or daughter is about to move out of their family home for the first time, you probably want to lend a helping hand. When moving out of home, they probably don’t know what to do. As you have direct experience of moving home, you are aware of what has to be done. Although your children probably want to be in complete control, there are other ways that you can contribute, such as finding cheap removal companies.

There are many companies that specialize in long distance removals. As there are dozens of things, which your child has to organize, you can take this burden off their plate by getting in touch with a company such as this. There are many ways to find a company that can help with a long distance or short distance moving who don’t charge a lot of money. The first approach, which is what many people do, is to search online. Although not every removal company has one, the vast majority of them have a website. By entering onto a search engine the location which you live in followed by ‘removal companies’, a considerable number of website addresses will appear. As contact details for a removal company are normally on a website, you can get in touch with them by email and telephone.

When contacting a removal company, here are some of the questions, which you could ask them:

  • Cost

How much a removal company in the city charges is important when cost plays a huge factor. When they are first contacted, a removal company should be asked about how much they charge. As soon as you have been given an acceptable quote, you should make a note of who they are. Therefore, they can be contacted if you decide to hire them.

  • Removal professionals

If removal professionals are provided, a removal quote can be much higher. Although it can cost more to do so, it is very convenient. You should enquire how many removal professionals will be supplied under what you are being quoted for. When only two removal professionals are provided, less has to be paid when compared to if only half a dozen individuals help out.

  • Boxes

When a removal company provides boxes for their customers, your son or daughter won’t have to get them. As cardboard boxes are rented, they won’t have to spend time on going to supermarkets and disposing of them afterwards. However, this service isn’t free because a removal company will charge for it. If you want to choose this convenient option, you should enquire as to how much it costs. You could discover that some companies charge more than others.

  • Petrol

If your loved one is planning a long distance moving, many miles will be covered. As the cost of petrol continues to increase, you should find out whether petrol is included in a quote even when many miles are travelled. If it is included in a quote, your child won’t have to spend more if they get stuck in a traffic jam or held up by road works.

Although your child can initially object when you offer to help with them moving home, they are bound to be very happy if you are responsible for organizing a removal van, especially as they probably don’t know what to do in order to find a reliable company.

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Fort lauderdale Port Everglades Widening Project. Fri, 09 Aug 2013 18:10:58 +0000 Background: The Army Corps of Engineers has released their report concerning the widening of the entrance channel to Port Everglades and it’s critical that they receive letters or emails of support during the Open Comment period. It was a 17 year study (yes, 17 years) and they are recommending several mitigation options which are outlined in the letter below.

Comments need to be sent/emailed prior to August 13 to:
USACOE Project Director, Terri Jordan-Sellers at

It is critical that the project get included in the Federal WRDA (Water Resources Development Act) so that it can then move on to the appropriations phase. The last time the WRDA bill came up in front of Congress was 2007, almost 7 years ago and Broward can’t afford to wait another 6+ years or we lose much more than our competitive edge.

I’ve included a letter the Alliance sent to all its Board members asking for support. It has all the basic information. Please send in your letter!


For the past two years, we have been working with business leaders across Broward County to support a critical project that has been 17 years in the making. This $313 million project involves the deepening and widening of the Port Everglades navigation channels to accommodate new mega-ships that are replacing the current older fleet. These ships are not only expected to pass through an expanded Panama Canal starting in 2015, but are coming to the Port today from Europe only partially loaded. After nearly two decades of waiting, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has finally released its Feasibility Report and draft Environmental Impact Statement. Completion of the final reports by the end of this year, and project authorization by Congress, is required before we can compete for federal funding to move forward with this project. Broward County needs this project authorized by Congress and subsequent funding to remain competitive as the #1 container port in Florida.
Today, Port Everglades supports 11,700 direct jobs locally and a total of 201,000 jobs statewide. This deepening project, along with the separate Turning Notch Extension and intermodal rail facility on the Port, is projected to create 7,000 new jobs regionally and support 135,000 new jobs statewide over the next 15 years for a total 143,000 jobs. These projects will allow the Port to continue to meet the needs of shipping customers who are focusing their ship-building efforts on larger capacity vessels.
Port Everglades is committed to working with its environmental partners to ensure this project is sensitive to our natural resources. While there are a number of mitigation alternatives in the report, one proposed approach supported by NOAA is to use funds to grow and replace corals up and down the Broward coastline. And with Nova Southeastern University’s Coral Reef Institute located at the mouth of Port Everglades, we have the leading international research partner in our backyard.

Within the next few months, Congress may decide whether or not this project will be authorized for subsequent funding. Without this authorization, not only will we lose jobs, one of Florida’s key economic engines will lose its competitive edge. Time is running out and we need your support now!
There are two ways you can help:
If you agree that keeping Port Everglades competitive is important to the economic vitality of our region, please send a personalized email with the reasons this project is important to you as a resident and a business person. Send to USACOE Project Director Terri Jordan-Sellers at The deadline for submitting comments is August 13, 2013. We’ve included some possible reasons and the email addresses of our local legislative delegation below.
Here are some example perspectives from the business community that may help you in drafting your comments:
We support the Port Everglades project because it is good for my business, now and in the future.
The Port project should not be delayed any further because it will permanently disadvantage our community in competing for global commerce. We’ve waited too long already.
Business counts on Port Everglades to remain one of the strongest economic engines in Florida. Even though my business isn’t directly tied to the Port, the $26 billion in annual economic activity generated by the Port benefits all Broward residents.
Fort Lauderdale is the home of leading coral reef experts at Nova Southeastern University, an advantage Broward County has over the rest of the world.
Port Everglades is a good environmental steward, which is why they worked closely with the Corps for 17 years to research and consider every alternative to lessen any impact on the environment.
Broward County has an active and dynamic environmental community that understands the port’s significance as an economic engine and that there are ways to grow the port while protecting and enhancing the environment. This cooperative effort has already been demonstrated with the Southport Turning Notch extension, a project in which the Port, Audubon Society and the state of Florida agreed to a plan that will double the amount of mangrove plants to mitigate a Port redesign to accommodate several new cargo shipping berths.
Industry at Port Everglades creates jobs.
Our local legislators have been supportive of the Port and we’d like them to know that they are not alone. Their constituents are supportive as well. You may want to copy them on your comments to let them know.
The timing of this report and your support is critical. Should our project not get authorized this year, it could be years before it is eligible for funding. If you have any questions, please contact Gail Bulfin at the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance at or 954-627-0127.

priced based on cubic feet (volume) or by the pound (weight)? Tue, 25 Jun 2013 03:02:59 +0000 This question seems to be on all of our clients minds and rightfully so. You are entitled to know how we calculate and come up with the price of your job. We have heard it al before and we are sure you have to. Cubic feet or volume is calculated as: length X width X high (2 L x 2 W x 2 H = 8cf) the movers truck are marked and as your stuff is loaded the mover will charge you based on the space your shipment take up in the truck. Weight is simply enough just the weight of your shipment. The mover will arrive at your home and present you with a weight slip from a licensed weight station this will be your empty weight. Your shipment will then be loaded and the mover will weigh the truck for the second time this will be your loaded weight. The mover will then subtract the empty weight from the loaded weight and the difference will be the net weight for your shipment. (Empty weight 12,000 lbs. loaded weight 26,000 lbs. will yield this equation 26,000 lbs. – 12,000 lbs. = 14,000 lbs. Your shipment of 14,000 times your rate will be the line haul cost). As a consumer of moving services you must know what how you are being charged. Forward Van Lines has a customized tariff, which allows us to price or charge you for your move however you like. However over the years we have found that our flat rate, guaranteed price is the way to go. What we do is take a list of items as a part of a visual estimate or over the phone and we guarantee your price based on that list. We take into account both the weight and cubic footage so we can price your move and we give you a no hassle flat rate. The only thing you need to do is show us in person or tell us over the phone or by email what needs to be moved. Sure if you tell us that you need to move 20 boxes and on the move day we have and additional 5 boxes we must charge you for the additional boxes, so its important to get an accurate list. Our trained relocation staff will update your list of items to be moved, as many times as is necessary,it’s not a hassle its what we do. If at anytime you need further explanation please call us at 1-855-7-FORWARD

How will I know how much my move will cost? Tue, 25 Jun 2013 02:41:16 +0000 Basic transportation charges depend on the actual weight and volume of your goods and the distance they will travel. Forward Van Lines takes these factors into account when calculating the cost of your move but our price will be guaranteed per the list of items provided by the customer. The total cost will include these transportation costs, any charges for Full-Value Coverage or Depreciated Coverage, plus charges for any accessorial services such as packing and/or unpacking performed by Forward Van Lines per customer requirements.

Before You Move Tue, 25 Jun 2013 01:29:28 +0000 Tune up your car or get a full service; be sure to tell them you’re moving out-of-state and to perform a thorough road safety check that includes tire pressure and wear assessment and windshield wiper replacement (if needed).

Check your car emergency kit (you do have one, right?), and make sure you’ve got replacement oil of the correct weight, and windshield cleaner, as well as flares and jumper cables. And replace your spare tire if it’s more than 6 to 10 years of age or has been stored in extremely hot conditions.

Color coordinate Mon, 24 Jun 2013 20:58:01 +0000 Choose a color for each room in your new home, such as yellow for kitchen, orange for dining room, etc. Apply colored stickers on the box near the box number. In your new home. Put a matching sticker on the door to each room. The movers will know where to put everything when they arrive at the destination. It’s also helpful to post a big sign on the wall in the room where you want boxes stacked, (“Boxes here please”) to keep them out of furniture and traffic areas.

How to pack a picture Mon, 24 Jun 2013 18:32:45 +0000 Protective Packing Mon, 24 Jun 2013 18:09:18 +0000 Mirrors, Pictures & Glass tops

Wrap each separately. Use protective corrugated pads to wrap as well as bubble wrap on both sides of the glass. Each item is then to be placed inside of a “Mirror Box”, which is designed for useas sets so as to fit snugly around and protect. Be sure to use plenty of newsprint to prevent shifting within the box. Once packed be sure not to lay flat. Make sure that the box is taped securely and that the sets of boxes which are used together do not separate or shift.

Moving Boxes Mon, 24 Jun 2013 17:13:40 +0000 The standard “Small Box,” also known as a “Book Box” or “Record Box,” is the ideal box for smaller, heavier items.

The standard box for packing books, LP records, and even documents (if a File Box is unavailable to you).

This box is used to pack heavier items, because of its size. A larger box filled with books, for example, will likely be too heavy to lift and manage.